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When Should You Move Into A Retirement Residence in Welland?

Making a move is never easy, especially for seniors leaving the home they have known for years. Once you decide that you want to move to a retirement residence in Welland, the next decision is when.

Retirement Residence in Welland

Senior living in Welland offers a wealth of opportunities for people. While some communities have a minimum age limit of 55, moving to a retirement residence is based on one’s needs more than age.

Some seniors may not have the luxury of choosing when to move as their finances, health, or mobility may force an earlier move than anticipated. But for those that are contemplating when the best time to move into a retirement residence might be, there are a few reasons why you may want to consider retirement housing in Welland now.

Move when You Are Healthy

Why wait until a crisis hits? If possible, initiate the process of moving before your health begins to decline. This will make searching for the right retirement community less stressful and it will be easier on your mental health.

Move when Living Alone Gets to Be Too Much

Many seniors move to retirement housing when the upkeep of their homes becomes overwhelming, or if they are struggling to look after themselves. Even with good physical health, some seniors experience a decline in mental well-being that may be improved with social activities within a retirement community.

Move During the Right Seasons

If you have the choice of what time of year you can move, some seasons are better than others. Moving during the cold winter months has challenges due to the snow and ice. Meanwhile, during the summer, many moving companies charge higher rates. If you can, plan your move for the spring. The springtime is the season for change and a chance to breathe new life into our lives. The flowers, bright sunshine, and fresh air gives make starting a new chapter in our lives much more exciting.

Move Before or After Holidays

For retirement homes in Welland, the holiday season is a time of hustle and bustle when people are preparing for Christmas. Many seniors find this time of year lonely, particularly if no family live nearby. Moving into a retirement residence may be a good choice before the holidays for this reason alone. If the holidays find one’s home filled with family and friends, then perhaps a move following Christmas is better. It would fill the lonely days once everyone returns to their busy lives.

Now’s the Time to Move into The Grand Canal Retirement Residence

Above all, the best time for a new start is when you are ready! As one of the new retirement homes in Welland, Ontario, The Grand Canal Retirement Residence offers a home away from home, along with extra perks! Our friendly team provide professional service with the mission of helping you live a purposeful life full of adventure. Contact us to book your tour today and to learn why we are one of the best retirement residences in Welland.


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