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What Is Independent Senior Living and What Are the Benefits?

Are you in the planning stages of retirement? Have you thought of what you want, and can do, during your retirement beyond enjoying more family time and pursuing new hobbies? If you are ready to walk away from the daily chore of maintaining a home, consider what’s known as an independent senior living residence.

Get ready for your next adventure in a place where you flourish and follow your passions! Independent living communities offer more than just a home to enjoy your retirement. With peace of mind, security, exquisite food, new friends, and an array of social activities to fill the day, the benefits of independent living for seniors are countless.

What Is Independent Senior Living?

An independent senior living residence is a community geared towards older adults. Most communities have an array of amenities, such as a swimming pool, free classes, a craft kitchen, a pub, and wellness facilities.

While most residents typically require little to no assistance with daily living, independent senior living communities offer the luxury of housekeeping, meal preparation, and scheduled activities. In addition, many independent senior living communities also offer what’s known as independent supportive living (ISL), meaning residents can continue to live their normal life in a community setting and maintain their independence, but have the ability to add services when needed.

What Are the Benefits of Independent Living?

For many seniors, independent living offers much the same as they came to enjoy throughout their lives, but with a few extra perks. Regardless of the physical setup for an independent environment, all options offer a safe and friendly haven. The term “independent living” covers an array of benefits including security, being active, and never being destitute.


Growing up we longed to be independent and make our own decisions, right? Why should that change as we get older? As long as we have a healthy mind and body, we should be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

Independent living allows one to continue having self-confidence and empowerment while improving their overall quality of life.


Leave behind your worries, and the backache and headaches from daily, weekly, and monthly heavy chores. Living in an independent living space means the yard maintenance and upkeep of the place is in the hands of others. Don’t worry, you still can opt to clean your own suite if you want to!


Retirement communities offer much more than just a roof over your head and three meals per day. Many locations have resort-like amenities such as shops, theatres, salons, pools, and concierges. These extra perks are in addition to regular offers of transportation, housekeeping services, and restaurants.

The all-inclusive tag also commonly includes your monthly fee to cover electrical costs, heating, cable, internet, taxes, and meal plans.


Security is a top priority when it comes to residing at any address. With independent living spaces, the safeguards are regulated to be regularly updated and maintained. In addition to fire and medical call systems, most offer 24-hour security personal onsite. Some sites also have manned, and video monitored gated communities.

Quality Food

Most people don’t associate independent senior living with world-class dining. In fact, they often assume that the meal options are bland. But it’s quite the opposite. Experienced chefs prepare healthy meals to accommodate any, and all, dietary issues. When it comes to food, no expense is overlooked to offer the highest quality of nutrition at independent senior communities. Plus, seniors have the option of choosing their own meals from the diverse menu and don’t have to eat the same meal every day.


One of the main benefits of independent living is that the communities have safety features that allow seniors to maintain their independence and also have peace of mind knowing that staff has their back in case of an emergency.

Residences can be equipped with safety bars, call buttons, and intercoms. Many people also opt for scheduled check-in visits from staff, especially on days they may feel under the weather. With an independent living residence, all measures are taken to provide a safe environment.


Privacy is important to our mental health. Living in close quarters with dozens of others may seem daunting at first but it is truly no different than living in an apartment building or a single dwelling in a neighbourhood. Just as you did in your former home, quiet time is scheduled by you, and you alone.


For times we choose not to be alone, living in a community for seniors promotes engagement. From book clubs to teatime to card tournaments, new friendships are formed. We all need to have some form of socialization in our lives, especially as we age.


Each community has its own offerings of onsite and offsite activities scheduled throughout the year. Depending on the size of the property, many places offer aquatics, bowling, art and cooking classes, choirs, and other socialization groups. For some, weekly shopping trips, visits to a local museum, trips to the movies, and overnight stays are welcomed adventures.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness at any age is key to a healthy lifestyle. Research has shown in addition to decreasing risk of serious conditions such as heart disease and obesity, maintaining a regular physical routine may help to lessen or prevent dementia and depression.

Onsite gyms offer a chance to keep up, or start, a regular workout, with trained professional on hand. The best way to meet new friends who share your passion for an activity is to join an exercise class of yoga, Zumba, or Aquacise.

Welcome to The Grand Canal Retirement Residence

The Grand Canal Retirement Residence offers all this and more! Located along the Welland Canal, this brand-new senior retirement community is for those searching for the next adventure in independent living. Live like royalty with excellent living quarters, exceptional dining service, and countless activities to participate in. Situated in the regional municipality of Niagara, take full advantage of the local community centre, vineyards, and parks. Register today to discuss your path to independent senior living in Welland. Start living a life of purpose and new beginnings! Welcome home!


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