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Debunking Myths about Independent Supportive Living in Retirement Residences

These days independent supportive living and retirement residences tend to have a bad rap…and quite frankly, we don’t know why!

The are so many benefits to retirement living in Welland that allow seniors to live their retirement years with enjoyment and purpose. Unfortunately, many seniors have preconceived notions that retirement residences are cold and stuffy, when in reality, senior living residences in Welland are more like a resort than anything.

Here are some common myths about retirement residences debunked.

Myth 1: They Are Expensive

One of the biggest myths is the cost of senior retirement living. Yes, some communities may have higher price tags than others, but it all depends on the residence. Many residences have various items included in the rent, such a maintenance fees, daily meals, and housekeeping. Therefore, when you factor in all of the expenses included, retirement home are actually less expensive than you think.

You won’t need to pay for a lot of day-to-day expenses anymore, so moving to a retirement residence can actually be more affordable than maintaining a house on your own. There are no added costs such as insurance, repair bills, and property taxes. In addition, these communities literally take the heavy work of shovelling snow and yard maintenance away.

Myth 2: No Assistance Is Provided

Absolutely debunked! Most retirement homes offer different levels of care; it all depends on the level or care you require. While some senior communities do not offer personalized daily care, most do help as needed such as if a person is recovering from a medical emergency. You also have the option of choosing Independent Supportive Living. This means you can be as independent as you’d like and add services as you need them. When deciding on a retirement residence, it is good to ask what measures are taken in case of declining health or mobility.

Myth 3: You Will No Longer Be Independent

By moving to a senior living community, you gain more freedom and independence as you no longer have the responsibilities that tied you to the upkeeping of a house. Now, you are able to spend more time enjoying friends, hobbies, and scheduling your time for you! The main purpose of a senior living community is to enable to seniors to live their best life on their terms.

Myth 4: There Will Be No Privacy

In terms of privacy, there is no difference between living in your house and a senior community. Your accommodation has security systems in place, so no one is allowed to wander in unless invited. Regular social events and planned outings are available to join but not mandatory.

Myth 5: There’s Nothing to Do and I’ll Get Bored

Boredom? In senior communities, this word does not exist. Choose from classes, book clubs, or social groups designed to keep seniors mentally and physically active. Many communities offer outdoor activities for seniors and daily outings to museums, theatres, and malls.

The professional team at The Grand Canal Retirement Residence wants to help you live your life with purpose. Retirement living in Welland is a lifestyle! Enjoy social groups, learning classes, along with wellness services. Contact us at (289) 480-0125 or email to start living your best life with retirement living in Welland!


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