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Why Retirement Living Is the Best Option for Seniors

Senior Living in Welland

Over the years, retirement living has shifted. Gone are the days of sitting at home watching the world go by (unless that’s what you want to do!). These days, retirement living means taking advantage of your free time and exploring new interests and hobbies.

Regardless of how you want to spend your retirement years, one thing has remained constant: choosing to move into a retirement community is a big decision. But it doesn’t have to be.

Retirement living in Welland offers a world of opportunities to grow your mind, meet new friends, and enjoy life as it comes. Here are just some of the advantages of choosing to move into a new retirement home in Welland.

Changing Times in Senior Lives

Many things can prompt a change in the way we live. There are many reasons for considering a move. Usually, there is an event large or small that makes us realize change is necessary. The change may be something dramatic, health-related, or something as small as a neighbour moving away or the closing of a local mall.

You may simply desire your next chapter to be easier and more enjoyable. Retirement can be a way of living well the way you want.

Be wise, not rushed. Embrace all the new opportunities at The Grand Canal Retirement Residence.

Help with Activities of Daily Living

As we age, the daily tasks of living can become tedious, not to mention physically straining. By living in a community where help is available at the touch of a button, your loved one can rest assured that you are in a safe environment.

Most retirement living communities help with daily living activities, transportation to appointments and social events, and have on-site wellness programs. It is an opportunity that will make life better, not hinder independence.

Access to Various Amenities and Services

When looking into a retirement community, there are a variety of services to consider. These activities can become difficult as we age, especially if health conditions complicate our actions.

Regular activities of daily living, referred to as ADLs, include bathing, dressing, and meals. In addition, residents can receive partial or full-time assistance with:

  • Vacuuming

  • Dusting

  • Bed-Making

  • Bathroom Cleaning

  • Laundry

More Opportunities for Socialization

During the working years, we all have opportunities of socialization with work functions and special occasions marked with family and friends. Often, these occurrences decrease with retirement making living lonely and monotonous.

Living in a retirement community allows you to meet new friends and become involved in social groups. Activities can include fitness classes, religious study groups, card tournaments, book clubs, arts and culture programs, and get-togethers for meals.

A Better Quality of Life

Independence comes with living the best life. Moving into a place where daily living services are provided does not take away your independence. In fact, it gives you more independence by handling daily chores for you and giving you the freedom to enjoy the things you love. Aside from ADL assistance, retirement living provides a safe and secure home with endless opportunities.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, especially after working for more than half of your life. Retirement living offers time for hobbies, family gatherings, special memories with friends, and peace of mind.

Seniors Can Enjoy Luxury Amenities

Retirement living can be a permanent vacation. Most retirement communities have resort theme amenities. Any specific luxury benefits not onsite are usually accessible within minutes.

Luxury amenities you include indoor fun such as games rooms, movie theatres, spas, fitness centres, and live music. The fun extends to the outdoors with tennis courts, swimming pools, fireside patios, walking trails, and local community events.

More Options for an Active Lifestyle

Having more time for recreational activities in retirement is priceless when it comes to your mind and body. Regular physical activity is important for reducing the risk of serious health disease and maintain mobility.

Living within a community provides opportunity to engage in fun programs with new friends and have onsite access to fitness classes. Choose from programs such as yoga, aquacise, golf outings, walking clubs, and adventure groups.

What’s Next? Book a Tour at The Grand Canal Retirement Residence in Welland Today!

Wondering what your next step should be? Contact our friendly team at The Grand Canal Retirement Residence to book a personalized guided tour today! Come see for yourself the amazing care and spectacular amenities at our new retirement community in Welland.

The focus of our highly skilled and certified professional team is to ensure everyone has a dignified life of purpose. We believe ageing is an adventure by providing the perfect home with opportunities to live life to the fullest.


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