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Summer Health and Safety Tips for Seniors at Retirement Residences

Everyone looks forward to being able to get out into the warm summer air after a long cold winter, especially seniors. As much as we all love the sun, the fact of the matter is that it can also be dangerous for us. Below we list a few basic health and safety tips that seniors can follow to ensure they have a summer of adventure and fun with family and friends.

Seniors at Retirement Residences

Know the Weather Forecast and Dress Appropriately

Depending on the location of the seniors retirement residence, the summer weather can produce stretches of long hot days with warm nights. These conditions can cause havoc on one’s body, both mentally and physically. Before planning any activities, check the local weather forecast. Extreme heat warnings may cause a change in plans.

If you do plan to venture out, wear appropriate clothing. Clothes with natural fibers such as cotton and wide-brimmed hats will help keep the sun off the face and neck.

Protect Your Skin and Eyes when Spending Time Outdoors

In addition to wearing long sleeves and loose-fitting pants, protect your skin with a daily moisturizer containing a high SPF. Skin exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays is at high risk for sunburn, irritation, and precancerous skin cells.

There is no minimal time in the sun that comes without risk so wearing UV-protected sunglasses will shield the eyes. Reduce the risk of eye injury and cataracts developing by using sunglasses with 100% UV protection.

Stay Indoors During Extreme Heat

It goes without saying “stay out of the kitchen if it’s too hot”. The same can be said for staying inside during days of extreme heat. The heat affects everyone differently and if you suffer from any health conditions, the heat may be worse.

Retirement residences and senior-friendly businesses appreciate these factors and offer many heat-busting activities indoors. Facilities provide air-conditioned resting areas such as movie theatres, shopping malls, libraries, and senior centres.

Drink Enough Water & Stay Hydrated

Medically, we all lose the ability to retain water as we age. This can make seniors more prone to dehydration during the summer heat. Staying hydrated can be done by drinking plenty of water and having electrolytes throughout the day.

Time spent outside can cause a body to become dehydrated at a faster rate. Always have a water bottle with you and avoid drinking too much coffee, carbonated drinks, and alcohol.

Check Medication Warnings with Heat

One less familiar summer tip is knowing the effects of heat and sunlight on medicine, particularly prescribed medications. Discuss concerns with your doctor as some medications cause dehydration and can be sensitive to UV rays.

It should be noted that storing medication in warm areas can be hazardous. Some medications require placement in a cool dark space to prevent loss of effectiveness. This can lead to aggravated medical conditions.

Maintain Communication with Friends, Family, and Caregivers

Having the good health and freedom to enjoy life at your leisure is pure bliss. Seniors who frequently go for walks or solo adventures should at least notify a family member or friend of their itinerary, especially on hot days.

For those who may not be able to leave their room or home, the indoor heat can be overbearing, so seniors should be checked in on regularly.

Eat Light Meals

Hot and humid days make it hard to find an appetite for most people. It is important at these times more than ever to ensure a well-balanced diet continues to be followed. Summer offers a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables that need little to no preparation. Many summer foods also provide nutritious and hydrating supplements.

If the weather forecast calls for hot afternoons, plan to have a hearty breakfast to ensure the body has subsistence for the day. Any day ventures away from home should be accompanied with snacks kept at a temperature below 4 degrees Celsius.

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The Grand Canal Retirement Residence offers a safe, cool environment to enjoy all summer long. Our exclusive amenities and wellness programs provide you an opportunity to live life at its fullest while being cared for by a team of professionals.

Contact us today for a complimentary personal tour of our residence and see why we are the destination everyone seeks.


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