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Most Popular Indoor Activities for Senior at Independent Supportive Living

If the weather, or your health, has you spending more time inside these days, there are always fun indoor activities to enjoy. The number of things to do at independent supportive living residences are endless!

Regardless of one’s age or mobility, it is important to engage in fun activities that stimulate the mind, soul, and body each and every day. Choose from one of the many organized activities at your senior independent living residence.

Indoor Fitness Programs

Fitness doesn’t have to be jogging 10 km or spending an hour doing a cardio workout! Many retirement homes and facilities in Welland offer scheduled fitness classes as well as provide equipment for freestyle movement.

By performing some form of exercise each day, seniors can improve mobility, increase blood circulation, and improve their mental health. If one’s mobility is limited, chair exercises are a great way to keep the momentum going!

Art & Creative Classes

The body isn’t the only thing to keep busy. The mind needs nourishment as well through learning. Take time each day to engage in fun activities such as painting, card making, drawing, flower arranging, pottery, or ceramic classes.

Book Club and Author Readings

Joining or starting a book club can keep the mind engaged and improve social interaction. Often times, local authors provide book readings and discussion circles at independent supportive living residences. This is also a time to allow one’s mind to be creative with visualization.

Herb Gardening and Cooking Classes

Nutrition is key to living each day to its fullest! What better way to enjoy new foods and old favourites than with herbs grown in an indoor garden? Gardening is a great activity that can be shared with others, while also expanding the mind. To take it one step further, seniors can sign up for cooking classes and use the herbs from their personal garden to try their hand at making some new and exciting dishes.

Social Events

When it comes to socializing, there are no limits! At senior independent living residences, organized events take place on a daily basis. Join new friends for a wine and cheese tasting social, prepare for the big game at an indoor tailgate party, or learn about different cultural foods at a tasting experience.

Engage with Others on Social Media

Thanks to social media and other virtual platforms, seniors can keep in touch with family and friends around the world. From Facetime visits to competing in online card games and tournaments, the fun never has to end! Travel to distant places and discover new worlds without even leaving one’s chair.

Choose The Grand Canal Retirement Residences for Independent Supportive Living

Ready for new experiences and daily fun activities with friends? Explore a new world at The Grand Canal Retirement Residence! Our experienced and friendly team look forward to helping you live your life to the fullest with our fabulous amenities and social programs. This new retirement residence in Welland is located in the heart of the community. Learn more about our “living with purpose” mission today by contacting us at (289) 480-0125 or emailing


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