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Benefits of Choosing a Pet-Friendly Retirement Residence

At The Grand Canal Retirement Residence, we know how much our residents love their fur babies. They aren’t just pets; they are a member of the family. That’s why many seniors are opting for pet-friendly retirement residences when they are ready to move to a senior living retirement home.

At a retirement home in Welland, we recognize the importance of the relationship between a pet owner and their fur baby. In fact, studies have shown that the bond between a pet and a senior can strengthen the physical, mental, and emotional health of the person.

Seniors who do not have a pet, but love animals can also benefit from living in a community with pets. Here are some more benefits of choosing a pet-friendly retirement residence.

Improves Mental Health

For animal lovers there is nothing better than sitting down and petting away the worries of the world. Pets help to soothe the mind. They can sense when one is troubled, and they provide unconditional love at all times.

Improves Physical Health

Pets, particularly dogs, require exercise and fresh air throughout the day. Taking your beloved pet for a walk provides the movement one’s heart and body requires to maintain mobility and good health. Even pets such as cats, hamsters, and birds call for movement to care for them with playing, feeding, cleaning litter, and petting.

For seniors who may not be able to walk a dog, many pet-friendly senior retirement residences in Welland offer dog walking services.

Pets Give Seniors Purpose

Having a pet gives one purpose as the animal depends on their human to care for them. Getting up in the morning for this dependency prevents feelings of depression, loneliness, and isolation that many seniors may face. Thais is one of the reasons more and more pet-friendly retirement residences are available in Ontario.

Pets Positively Impact the Lives of Seniors

By having a daily routine of caring for a pet with feeds, walks, and playtime, seniors not only have a sense of purpose but can feel good about being responsible for another living creature. Observing the animal’s sense of loyalty and unconditional love can lead to a person living a more positive life by living in the moment.

Pets Keep You Active and Involved

Whether one is a dog or a cat lover, animals bring people together. Animal lovers in general enjoy spending time with other’s pets as well as their own. Seniors with dogs can make playtime for the animals while enjoying social time with each other. Cat owners often spend hours talking to each other, sharing funny stories.

Thinking of Moving into a Pet-Friendly Retirement Residence?

As a new retirement residence in Welland, The Grand Canal Retirement Residence welcomes you and your beloved pet to your new home! Our pet-friendly residence provides services geared towards the needs and desires of both owner and pet. We have experienced pet lovers to help with dog walking, housekeeping, and feeding. Rest assured you and your furry family member will be safe, happy, and healthy at our residence. Contact us to book your tour today!


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